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08/31 I Want To Be An Air Force Reserve Recruiter

If there is a public face to the Air Force Reserve it is probably embodied in the countless recruiters serving around the country each year, seeking out potential candidates for enlistment. These men and women put more time than most of their fellow reservists each year. The majority of Air Force reservists will put in their obligatory drilling and that is it. It is different when you want to be an Air Force Reserve recruiter. Those who wish to become one must go through a course of study and be willing to dedicate the time to the job.

Am I Ready?

The answer to this question can be more complicated than it … Full Story

08/15 Air Force News: Recovering from Sex Scandal

A United States Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas has become the site of an investigation into sexual misconduct against female recruits from training instructors. The last time the US military faced a scandal of this magnitude was at an Army base in 1996, where dozens of officers were charged with sexual assault.  In today’s Air Force news, sexual misconducted is once again investigated.

An investigation into the conduct of dozens of military instructors was launched over a year ago at Lackland Air Force Base, home to all of the Air Force’s training units. Over the course of the investigation, 38 female recruits came forward with … Full Story

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