5 Best Ways to Get a Job in the US Air Force

The US Air Force is among the three armed forces that defend the United States against all kinds of enemies that might attack it The Navy and the Army are the other armed forces. The youngest of these three is the Air Force.

The Air Force is a great place for you to learn marketable skills that you can apply in your civilian life. It offers numerous benefits such as money that you can use for higher education regardless of whether you pursue it after you leave or while you are still serving in it recruits personnel some months in advance and hence, if you want to pursue a career in it so that you can serve your country, you can do so by using the following unique and easiest ways.

1. Meeting the prerequisites for each potential recruit

The requirements include passing your GED examination or graduating from high school. You must also be a holder of a 4-year degree from a university or college that is accredited if you want a job as an officer. Your health must be good, you must be physically fit, and you should not exceed the weight limit that is required for your age and height. In addition, you must be drug free and pass a background check on your criminal record. You can enlist even if you have committed some offenses. However, you will be disqualified from the service if you have committed other offenses especially if they are very violent.

2. Contacting a Air Force recruiter

You should visit the website of the U.S Air Force in order to look for the nearest recruiter. You should ensure that the recruiter is not out of the office when you visit it by making an appointment.

3. Bringing your documents

You should carry your birth certificate, diplomas, Social Security card, marriage certificate in case you are married and driver’s license. You should also consider bringing your medical records, if you have any, and information about your children and spouse including their Social Security cards.

4. Asking to be scheduled ASVAB

So that you can take the ASVAB (the Vocational Aptitude Battery for Armed Forces) test as quickly as possible
This test measures your aptitude for certain career fields and ensures that you possess the necessary basic skills that are required for all recruits. You should also ask for permission to take your physical; it is possible for you to do both on that same day.

5. Choosing a career field
Signing your enlistment contract, taking the oath and waiting to be scheduled so that you can begin basic training. If you prefer to start as soon as possible, you should ask to be included in the list that is known as “quick ship”. You can take the place of another recruit if he/she drops out before he/she reports for training.
The Air Force is an important branch of the United States defenses because it is very necessary in modern warfare. Hence, if you want to get a job in it, you should engage a reliable ESTA application service today so that you can head to the US as soon as possible and make your dream come true.

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  1. Nathan Parker  July 28, 2015 at 11:34 pm

    How old do you have to be too enlist in this ESTA

  2. larryf  July 26, 2017 at 1:22 pm

    Hey Nathan, we are not an government agency, but I would recommend contacting your Air Force recruiter. If you want to compare other ESTA programs, considering calling your Army recruiter or Navy recruiter as well. Always good to compare military jobs. Best, Larry

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