Air Force Academy

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Are you interested in attending the Air Force Academy? For many, the chance to get a great education while learning more rewarding skills for the future is the path that they want to take, and choosing to attend the Air Force Academy can fulfill those dreams.

Joining the Academy can be more beneficial than attending a tradition college or university, since it can not only offer an excellent education, but you can learn to fly and attain a career. While there is no tuition to attend the Academy, the time and effort that is put into training and studies is priceless.

Held at high standards, the Air Force Academy turns each one of its students into an Officer of the United States Air Force. In addition to attending the Air Force Academy, you are required to serve at least five years within the Air Force.

To join the Air Force Academy, you must pass certain requirements and be eligible for admission. The basic requirements to become a Cadet include:

A United States Citizen

Unmarried without any dependents

Have a good moral character

At least 17, and no older that 23 by July 1 of the year you plan on attending.

You must be of high leadership, physical, medical and academic standards

Social Security Card

Since there are many steps in applying to the Air Force Academy, it is
important to follow deadlines and keep appointments. Be sure to check
with a recruiter
to find the most up-to date schedule.

Life as a Cadet includes studying and attending classes, marching, parachuting, flying and training to be an Air Force Officer. After becoming an officer, life in the Air Force really begins, using the education they gained through the Academy, many will go on to become pilots, and others will work in technological or management careers. There are many Air Force career choices that an officer can work in, including:

Flight Careers

Healthcare Careers

Legal Careers

Space Operations

Space Engineers

Attending the Air Force Academy cannot only ensure a one-of-a-kind education, but it can also provide invaluable life and career skills that each Cadet can carry throughout their life.

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