Air Force Bases

Air Force Bases

United States Air Force Bases are the military bases of the air forces of the United States. The placing of the standard abbreviation of the Air Force Bases (AFB) differs and is after the name of the base in United States Air Forces Bases such as Dover AFB. A military base is an isolated settlement primarily for military equipment and personnel. Public cannot enter the area and only certain authorized soldiers and civilians can enter.

The Air Force Bases provide accommodations for a unit, which could be a command centre, a training ground or a test ground. The United States Air Force Bases provide facilities like housing, cleanliness, dining halls, churches, gyms, sport courts, schools, parks and other recreational facilities. Generally, these bases do rely on outside help; however, some complex bases are independent and can provide food and water to its inhabitants for long periods.

The Air Force Bases provide jobs and cash inflow to the local economy. It is like a small city with the epicenter at a large airport. The United States Air Force Bases consist of homes, apartments, office buildings, shopping centers, libraries, gymnasiums, bowling centers, golf courses, schools, medical clinics, in addition to aircraft hangars, air traffic control towers and other flight support buildings.

The Airmen of the United States Air Force Bases move to new Air Force Bases every three years. They are always ready to deploy immediately anywhere to protect vital US interests, respond to natural disasters or on humanitarian missions. At times, they deploy to take part in military exercises. Twenty percent of these airmen live in overseas bases.

Married members of the United States Air Force Bases can either live on bases or avail the housing allowance and live off base. Unmarried men generally live in a dormitory. All US Air Force airmen wear uniforms during duty hours and civilian clothes when not on duty.

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