Air Force Careers

Air Force Careers


Aside from getting some of the best job training and education, Air Force careers can also prepare you for opportunities in a variety of fields. Depending on where you are going into the service as enlisted personnel or an officer, there are many career paths that can not only utilize the skills you learn, but also provide for any future jobs as a civilian.

Joining the Air Force as enlisted personnel can bring a variety of opportunities in the career of your choice. While there are many different Air Force job descriptions, they can be categorized in four types of careers:

• Mechanical
Learning to operate some of the most technologically advanced equipment can bring many opportunities in the Air Force, and beyond. Since equipment constantly needs repair or advancement, applying for a career in the Mechanical field is very valuable. These types of jobs include: Radio Systems, Environmental structures, Aircraft and other transportation, and Munitions.

• Administrative
This field takes care of basic day-to-day operations
on the base, including the food, housing programs
and equipment. There are many jobs in this
career that are available including: Logistic
Radio Communications, Air transportation and
Aviation Resource Management

• General
Air Force careers can range from computer information to linguistics, so there is something for everyone. These Air Force jobs can also be great for anyone who is unsure of what they ultimately want to do, or may be interested in something that may lead to a good civilian job opportunity. Jobs in this category include: Linguistics, Biomedical Equipment, Communications, Air Traffic Control and many others.

• Electronics
Keeping the Air Force running is one job the
electronics career path can do. This job training
can also prepare any enlisted personnel for
fields that use electronics in and out of the
Air Force.
Positions include: Aircraft Guidance, Missile
and Space, Avionics Systems, Radar Tech, and

Officers also have a variety of
career paths to choose from ranging many different
Only 4% of enlisted soldiers in the Air Force
are pilots, so that means that no matter what
job you are looking for, chances are that it
is here. Officers can apply for jobs different
career paths like:





Air Force careers also include opportunities for Health Care professionals in all areas. Learning the most current technology in modern facilities are just some of the reasons why choosing a Health Care career can be beneficial. Jobs include:




Biomedical sciences


So no matter what, recruits can be assured that there is a job or career field that will be of interest. To find out more about Air Force careers and opportunities, contact your local Air Force recruiting office.

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