Air Force Jobs

Air Force Jobs


Finding the Right Job for You

After being accepted into the US Air Force, another big step to take is finding the right career path that will utilize both job skills and training. Enlisted Air Force jobs are also known as AFSCs, or Air Force Specialty Codes. These Air Force jobs are divided into different categories including:


Maintenance & Logistics

Legal and Chaplain


Medical and Dental

Special Investigations

Finance & Contracting

In each of these categories are career fields that include many AFSCs, which make them perfect for anyone looking for specific types of Air Force jobs. Here are just some of the careers that are available within each code:

• Operations code:
-Aircrew Protection
-Command & Control Systems Operations

Maintenance & Logistics code:
-Communications & Electronics
-Logistics Plans
-Munitions & Weapons

Legal & Chaplain code:
-Chaplain Assistant

• Support code:
-Public Affairs
-Mission Support

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