Air Force Portal

U.S. Air Force


The Air Force is designing a U.S. Air Force Portal, which intends to integrate more than 28,000 information systems. Usually the service members face many hassles on their job due to lack of adequate information. The Air Force Portal is likely make information easily available to the service people.

The informal name of the Air Force Portal is My.AirForce (my dot Air Force). It will create a pool of information by bringing hundreds of service’s Web-based systems into one point of easy access. It will serve the US Air Force commanders with critical battlefield information. It will further offer a variety of online services. Service members moving to a new base would be able to do automated, paperless processing of personnel, medical, pay and other family information on the portal.

My.AirForce is an extension of the US Air Force command and control system. It will provide timely information for making critical decisions. The Air Force Portal will deliver whatever information the service personnel require to do their jobs in an efficient and hassles free manner. The portal will cover information on a variety of aspects ranging from logistics to the status of an order of supplies.

The US Air Force policy is to maintain a common look and feel in its Web sites. The U.S. Air Force Portal would use the enterprise infrastructure to support the web content. It will be open for “public” access but with limited content.

The US Air Force is collaborating with the FM Knowledge Management in structuring the mutual content. FM public web site will be responsible for ensuring updated information on the Air Force Portal. When you log on to the FM web site in near future, it will direct you to the portal. Work is on to move the current content to the U.S. Air Force Portal. The content managers are making all-out efforts to provide the service community with the best possible information resources through the portal.

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