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Become an Air Force Recruiter


One of the main reasons we have qualified and motivated individuals joining our Armed Forces is thanks in part to the work that Air force recruiters do in attracting attention and providing assistance to anyone that has an interest in the armed forces or questions about military service.

What does it mean to be an Air Force recruiter?

During your job as an Air Force recruiter, you are responsible for attracting well-qualified, intelligent individuals to serve in our Armed Forces. While a recruiter, you also act as a representative of the Air Force to anyone who sees you, and are willing to answer questions to those who may show interest in the Air Force. It is also important to give off a good appearance, because sometimes a recruiter is the only person on which a civilian can base his/her impression of the Air Force.

How do I qualify to become a recruiter?

To become an Air Force recruiter, you must complete the Time on Station (TOS) requirements as an airman as well as meet other requirements. The Air Force looks for highly motivated airmen who are willing to go to any location in order to become a recruiter. Each airman has up to eight choices where they would like to serve, and many considerations are taken into account including TOS, spouse consideration and other important service dates.

What are requirements to become
eligible for recruiting?

Some basic requirements include:

  • Be a senior airman with 36 months
    Time in Service for a 4 year contract or
    60 months
    for a 6 year
  • Must meet Time of Service requirements
  • Be motivated and outstanding in attitude
    and appearance, have a passing
    score on the fitness
    test and have a State drivers license

What kind of pay does a recruiter

When not living on base with the special
food and housing allowances, a civilian
community is going to be more expensive
to live in
basic military pay. Recruiters are
eligible for Special
Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP), which is
currently $450 per month in addition
to the salary.
Each recruiter is also allowed a clothing
and if the civilian community has a
high cost of living, you may be eligible
programs that offer assistance in housing.

What is expected out of a recruiter?

An Air Force recruiter can work away from home, and even work irregular hours since it is their job to accommodate future applicants of the United States Air Force. You must be available at all times to meet with prospective applicants, even if that means doing it during nights and weekends. Recruiters also meet with others around the community including schools, events, and media appearances.
Becoming an Air Force recruiter can be a great way of sharing to others the opportunities that the Air Force can offer, as well as the ability to educate firsthand life in the military.

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