Air Force Reserve

Joining the Air Force Reserve


Joining the Air Force Reserves can bring many of the benefits of an enlisted member, with only needing to serve part time. It allows for those who would like to live a civilian life with a career still participate in military services, at the same time being eligible for many benefits like health care or educational assistance.

In the reserves, there are many part-time jobs that offer a regular salary, in addition to the benefits packages. Here are just some of a few career choices a reservist has available upon joining the Air Force Reserve:

Electrical Systems

Fire Protection


Heating & Air Conditioning

Operations Intelligence

With the many jobs available to
reservists, there is an opportunity to gain
more training in order
to advance an already existing civilian career,
or even learn new skills to enhance the chance
of finding a better future job. Along with job
training and a regular salary, some of the best
benefits are offered to reservists who work part
time including:

Life Insurance

Tuition Assistance

Regular Salary

Travel Allowances

Health Benefits

Retirement Options

Living and Food Allowances


An Air Force Reservist serves
one weekend per month, and two weeks during
the year taking place
most often during the summer months. The salary
is paid for this part time service, and any days
you would like to work extra are compensated
To become a part of the Air Force Reserve, you

Be 17-34, if there is no prior military service.
In the event you do have prior experience, age
requirements may vary.

Be a citizen of the United States

Be of good physical health

Have a strong moral character

Take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery,

Pass physical exams

So whether you want to just increase your monthly income, or you would like to continue a civilian life with part time military service, joining the Air Force Reserve holds many opportunities to enhance your current life, or prepare for the future.

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