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US Air Force: Aviation Jobs

Aviation jobs are the jobs connected with the aviation industry other than those in the cockpit. Aviation jobs are fast gaining popularity amongst the other US jobs. Such jobs are of Aircraft maintenance personnel, Airport managers, Air traffic controllers, etc. People who are passionate about airplanes but do not want to be pilots are best suited for these jobs. There are many such career openings for professionals in this field. The Schools Directory at the website gives a complete picture of the different aviation-career programs and the huge scope of prospects available to you.

One of the aviation jobs is that of Airport Management. You need to have specific management training with respect to airplanes and air transport for this post. If you are interested in both airplanes and computers, Aviation computing is the best choice and definitely better than most other US jobs. The aircraft system is fully computerized and computers control every movement of the aircraft. If you are a software engineer, this is a very attractive option for you to join.

Air Traffic Control is another one of the interesting aviation jobs. This requires a two or four-year college degree and ATC technical training. In addition to this, you need to study aerospace law, human factors, air transportation, and airline safety and aviation management. Although you may have to spend a lot of money for this education than for the other US jobs, it will surely repay you more than what you have invested.

Yet another opening in the aviation jobs is for Aviation maintenance. Aircraft technicians are highly skilled and knowledgeable. If you love working on airplanes and the high tech systems associated with it, you can enroll for the FAA-certified aviation maintenance schools. Some offer 100% technical training and prepare you for the A&P certification in less than a year. The job market for this career is very sound in comparison to other US jobs.


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