The NATO Phonetic Alphabet

The NATO Phonetic Alphabet and Its Importance to the U.S. Military The NATO phonetic alphabet is something that is used to offer improved communications when it is essential be be completely clear. Whether your communications are impacted by radio interference or the sound of a gun battle or other background noise, soldiers need to be […]

The Veterans Benefits Administration

The Veterans Benefits Administration The Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) is “an organizational element of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs” that is in charge of administering the department’s programs that offer financial as well as other kinds of assistance to veterans, their dependents, and their survivors. The mission for the VBA, in partnership with the […]

How Families Should Deal With Deployment

Couples and families face a whole lot of emotions in the face of military deployment. Hopelessness, in particular, is quite common. The good thing is it is possible to “do something about that feeling.” Following are a few hints that are helpful facing the pre-, during- and post- deployment stages as a couple or a […]

Finding a Job After Serving in the Military

Employers + Veterans = A Good Match Perhaps your business has considered hiring veterans. Many have, but there are reasons many businesses haven’t jumped the gun on this hiring option. One reason is that they don’t know where to find qualified veterans. Another reason is that employers aren’t sure if veterans’ skills will translate smoothing […]